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A medium fluidity single phase clear UV gel that contains acrylic fibers and has the form of a gel in a jar!!!

Extremely durable, it can be used for building with a tip or a form but also for strengthening the natural nail.

 It is suitable for beginners but also for more advanced stylists because it does not "run" during the application, thus reducing working time.

It offers strong adhesion to the natural nail as long as the preparation of the nail plate has been done properly.

It is easy to file and form!!! The dust produced during this process does not waft so it is healthier for the stylist.

It cures under a UV or a LED lamp for 120''.

 It DOES NOT BURN during polymerization !!!

It is a dermatologically tested product and does not cause allergies and skin irritation.

Made in Europe.


• Make sure that the nail plate is adequately prepared, completely clean and free of cuticles and hangnails as well as slightly made rough with 150/180 Laloo Cosmetics file.

• Clean the natural nail with a Lint Free Pad steeped in pure acetone.

• Apply a sufficient amount of Anti Fungal to the entire natural nail.

• Clean again with a Lint Free pad steeped in pure acetone.

• Apply No Acid Primer-Bonder on the entire surface of the natural nail (from the cuticles to the free edge) without touching the area of the cuticles and the lateral folds of the nail.

- The Primer is essential in this kind of application!

• Properly apply the forms of Laloo Cosmetics that are specially designed for perfect building in whatever shape you wish.

• With a brush you find handy, take a small amount of gel and apply it like nail polish on the natural nail and the tip or the form to the length you desire. 

• Cure under a LED or a UV lamp for 120 seconds.

• Then take a second amount enough to be able to properly build a strong artificial nail and give beautiful curves (apex).

• Cure under a LED or a UV lamp for 120 seconds.

• Remove the sticky surface of the material with a Lint Free pad steeped in Cleaner Ultra Shine Effect Laloo Cosmetics.

• With a 150/180 file, shape the artificial nail you have created.

• If you wish, finish up your set following the process of semi-permanent color application or simply apply Top Coat, Non Wipe Top Coat or Non Wipe Matte Top Coat.

Ποσότητα Gel
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