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Sugar Glitter Powder No.1

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SUGAR GLITTER POWDER is a pigment with an ultra-fine and discreet glitter that gives the much-loved and well-known sugar effect! It is available in 7 different shades that satisfy even the most demanding nail artist. 

Application instructions:

1) Complete the manicure or the application of artificial nails and apply the semi-permanent color of your choice.

2) Apply a layer of TOP NO WIPE, sprinkle with the Sugar Glitter Powder of your choice and polymerize for 60''.

3) After polymerization, remove the excess powder from the cuticles and the lateral folds of the nail with a soft dust remover brush. 

TIP: Sprinkle Sugar Glitter Powder over the line design you have created and give it an incredible shine!!

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Sugar Glitter Powder
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