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Laloo glass Effect 03

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LALOO COSMETICS has once again created a new product for the hottest nail art !! The new GLASS EFFECT is a series of translucent semi-permanent nail polishes in 9 wonderful shades (fuchsia, purple, blue, green, petrol, orange, fuchsia neon, red, black).

They are high quality semi-permanent nail polishes with which you can create the glass effect and the in vitro effect.


• After polymerizing the color of your choice twice, apply a layer of GLASS EFFECT of your choice.

• Polymerize under a LED lamp for 60'' or a UV / LED lamp for 120''.

• Then put the final touch with Top No Wipe or a regular Top Coat of LALOO COSMETICS and polymerize again for 60"or 120".

• Your new GLASS EFFECT manicure is ready.


It can be applied on the entire nail over any color which will change its effect.

It can be applied alone over a regular base or a Graphen base for a glass or vitro effect.

It can also be applied on top of any powder in order to create extra special color combinations. 

Finally, it can be applied over glitter for a more metallic effect. 

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