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Primer Bonder 11ml Primer Bonder 11ml 2
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Primer Bonder 11ml

  This is a non acid primer. It acts as a double-face adhesive to ensure the best attachment of the artificial to the natural nail. Tip: In order to guarantee the best adhesion of the artificial nail, apply the gel within 30 seconds.
Milky White 30 gr Milky White 30 gr 2

Milky White 30 gr

ATTENTION: During the application of Acrygel, due to the thickness of the gel,  ALWAYS press the tube at the edge and never in the middle as the packaging may open!
Graphen Base 16 ml Graphen Base 16 ml 2
Laloo Base & Top

Graphen Base 16 ml

Clear base coat for the soak off gel polish manicure procedure and more, reinforced with graphene . Its thick consistency helps even out any natural nail unevenness and also contributes to the hardening of the natural nail.  Offers great adhesion off the gel polish to the natural nail plate giving more than 3 weeks of life to your manicure. Can be used...
G6 Oval Πινέλο Gel G6 Oval Πινέλο Gel 2
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Laloo Brushes

G6 Oval Gel Brush

Oval gel brush with a wooden grip and a synthetic bristle. Ideal for gel application along the cuticle area!
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